Spring 2021 Collaboration with SHEIN X

Waking up on Monday was like a dream come true! After months of designing, preparation, collaborating with the SHEIN manufacturing team and keeping it all a big secret from family and friends, I pulled up the global retailer’s website to find my KES Surplice Neck Self Belted Wide Leg Jumpsuit displayed across the homepage. 

I’ve worked for companies in the past in the development, production, and design sectors, but to have this collection to call my own was a feeling unlike any other. 

My Monday excitement was also shared with seven other talented young designers whose lines were also chosen to be part of the SHEIN X spring collection.

SHEIN X allows independent designers to create while the company takes care of manufacturing, marketing and selling, often huge undertakings when you’re just starting out. I am proud to have 18 pieces up for retail on the site and two more on the way. My biggest inspiration behind this collection was the fresh air and scenery of the outdoors. After being inside for months during the pandemic, I thought about what women may seek in their clothing outside of the home. Comfy yet chic silhouettes, a tranquil green to lighten up the mood, and effortless pieces that can be dressed in many ways. Each and every piece was thought out to fulfill this desire of getting out and about again!

I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and my initial step out into the fashion world as my own entity to be showcased on an international level. I invite you to take a look at my collection and the amazing work of all of the SHEIN X designers. And if you find something you love and purchase,  I hope it’s a piece you can enjoy for years to come.



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